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                                                        Supervised Agricultural Experince

A. Exploratory - students experience the "big picture" of agriculture and its many related careers.
   i. This type of program is great for beginning students and those who are uncertain about their interests, but others can also benefit.
B. Research - students conduct research using the scientific process.
   i. Agriculture is a science-based industry, and there are liimitless opportunities for reasearch-based SAEs.
C. Placement - students work for someone, either for pay or for the experience.
   i. These SAEs may be located in agribusinesses, school labs, farms and ranches, or in community facilities.
D. Entrepreneurship - students create and manage their own businesses as owners of the operations.
   i. Students plan and operate an agriculturally related enterprise or business.
   ii. Examples include producing and parketing livestock, crops, nursery plants or forest products; providing a service, such as lawn care; processing agricultural products ; repairing, designing or fabricating agricultually related equipment.




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