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County Stock Show Info


                                                 Wichita County Livestock Show 2014 Schedule


*Entry Fees run $15-20 depending on the species.

Thursday Jan 9, 2014

8:00 AM Animals admitted to show grounds

1:00 PM All animals in place

1:00 PM Weigh in Swine, Sheep, Goats and Rabbits

2:00 PM Broiler Show
followed by Turkey Show
followed by Rabbit Show

Friday Jan 10,2014

9:00 AM Market Goat Show
followed by Breeding Goat Show
Dairy Goat Show

11:00 AM Breeding Sheep Show
followed by Market Sheep Show

2:00 Breeding Swine
followed by Market Swine

Saturday Jan 11,2014

9:00 AM Heifer Show
             followed by Market Steer Show

11:00 AM Horse Show

7:00 PM Premium Sale


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